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Our Work In Motion

We’ve put together some videos of our work so you can see what’s involved in a warehouse storage project – from start to finish it needs careful project management and attention to detail.

Two Warehouses and miles of pallet racking

STS Storage was awarded the contract to install 10500mm high pallet racking housing circa 4500 pallets.

Working in conjunction with the fork lift company STS have designed a system which is futureproofed for future extension and a conveyor system should company growth continue at the current pace.

Pallet Racking Installation

Install of 170 bays of warehouse pallet racking for our client in Dartford – great job finished on time and with minimal disruption to the clients day to day business.


Drive-In Racking

This short video provides a concise sequence of the build pattern for constructing a block of Drive In. From portal beams to plan bracing all the components are labelled to help you get a feel for the vocabulary involved.

Why drive-in racking:
· Low turnover products
· Cold storage, including chilled and frozen
· High-density storage of easily damaged or fragile items
· Rack-clad buildings – the racks can be erected before the building is built

· Store high volumes economically
· Manage retrieval times
· Minimise the risk of damage
· Use conventional forklifts

Drive-in or drive-through racking is ideal if you’re looking for a very economical, bulk storage system.

Mezzanine Floor Construction

We work closely with our customers to ensure all aspects of the project build are understood. The following short video provides a concise sequence of the build pattern for constructing a mezzanine floor, along with the fire rating installation at the end.

Understanding Pallet Racking

Pallet racking can be installed in a number of configurations, offering a flexible solution depending on your requirements and is a great warehouse storage solution. Our understanding pallet racking video shows a breakdown of pallet racking components in detail.

Concept Study

The project is a concept study for a company who needs to maximise their storage capacity for small electrical components. The ground floor offers pallet racking for bulk storage along with benches for goods out to be despatched. A two tier mezzanine, measuring 850m2 per tier for the smaller components that will be stored on small parts shelving. Circa 220 bays of shelving will house the stock that is transported via a conveyor system, this allows staff to quickly pick and pack components and efficiently move the stock in and out of the shelving.

Design, Concept, Reality; how we got there.

This video shows our 3D visualisation and a physical walkthrough of a recently completed office project. The use of 3D animation was integral in communicating with the client the proportions and materials of their design.
The process allowed us to refine the final details of the project prior to construction. Now the end product is finished, we can see how this animation helped us move from concept to reality.
About the project:

We were instructed to work alongside the client’s team on this full office fit out. We created a new mezzanine floor with glass partitioning upstairs, all panels were finished with manifestation (applied to glass windows, door and partitions to help stop people walking into the glass and possibly causing injury). The carpet was laid before the installation of the partitioning and the inset LED lights were fitted after all the construction work on the site was complete. The walkthrough on the video shows just how effective the design looks and we feel this is a project to be proud of – not only for the customer but for us too. It also shows how the use of 3D visualisation can be a great tool when reflecting a design to clients.


Warehouse Racking and Office Space Project

We were approached by a new client, who’s business is rapidly expanding, to create a new racking solution and create additional office space. After looking at the plans we designed a space efficient racking solution tailored to their operational needs for their warehouse, with the addition of a mezzanine floor above to create further office space.

Visualising the complex layout of a partitioned office space with so many rooms was proving challenging for our client, as well as the myriad material finishes we could specify. So, we created a 3D walkthrough to help our client visualise the layout and understand what the space would actually be like to work in. We also provided a variety of walkthroughs to highlight the different effects various materials would make.

The process proved extremely valuable as it gave the client the opportunity to make informed decisions and amend any design issues quickly and efficiently after seeing the 3D representation.

Warehouse Storage Re-location

Working with an existing client dealing in high end cosmetic and beauty products, our brief was to move them from their old site in Berkshire to a new warehouse facility in Surrey.

The new site had a smaller footprint meaning therefore careful consideration had to be given to ensure that the operation would fit in its new home. The operation needed to be phased to allow the client to operate with minimal disruption and continue trading.

We approached the challenge by dismantling the shelving systems, mezzanine floor, carton live system and the pallet racking in phases , transporting and rebuilding (in phases) to the new warehouse. The result transformed the operation as shown in the video.

Warehouse storage re-location from STS Storage Systems on Vimeo. 

Warehouse Office Installation

This project saw us work closely with our client to move them from their offices in Surrey to a new facility which was being used as a warehouse. Our challenge was to better utilise the warehouse space, we did this by installing a mezzanine floor, creating a ground floor workshop area and first floor level with offices.

The project involved new internal partitioning including glazed panels, data and electrical points. New and refurbished washroom facilities to include a shower system, a space saving mobile shelving system to allow easy access and maximise archiving of important files.

The client benefited from seeing the design being lifted off a 2d CAD drawing into a realistic 3d image .


STS Storage – Warehouse Office installation from STS Storage Systems on Vimeo.

Mezzanine Floor Installation

Our brief was to capture a typical mezzanine floor installation from start to finish in a modern manner, that shows what STS Storage Systems is all about and the quality of work that we provide to our customers.

STS Storage Systems relocated an existing client in June 2014.

The existing warehouse was based in Ascot and due to further growth a relocation to Camberley was required. STS Storage Systems were required to phase the dismantling and rebuild over weekends, this allowed the customer to move product during the weekdays to keep their business operational. A mezzanine was also required to be dismantled, moved to Camberley and rebuilt. The project was completed on time and in budget.