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Keep Your Warehouse Cool This Summer

With the temperatures creeping up slowly for Summer it’s important to keep your warehouse cool and your staff happy by regulating the temperature. A thermal comfort test should always be carried out as part of your overall risk assessment – you can find more information on temperatures in the workplace by visiting the HSE website. We’ve…

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5 Things To Expect From A Smart Warehouse

The ‘smart warehouse’ is expected to become a reality in the not too distant future. Some experts are suggesting we could have fully working smart warehouses as soon as 2020 with developments happening in the world of AI each day. But what can we expect from said smart warehouses? 1. Better Productivity It is expected…

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Autonomous Vehicles In Warehouses

We have been hearing about driverless cars in the news now for years, but did you know warehouses have already been making use of autonomous vehicles for a while. Today we are going to look into how autonomous vehicles can be used in the warehouse, how they can be used during delivery and how they…

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The Importance Of Warehouse Line Marking.

For your warehouse to comply with safety standards and run efficiently it is important to ensure you have it laid in a logical way using warehouse line marking. Line marking helps employees to work quickly and reduces the chances of accidents or damage to equipment. If line marking is used over painted areas, it can…

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This Is Jamie The STS Storage Project Manager

What is your role at STS Storage? Project Manager How long have you been part of the team? 5 months What was your dream job growing up? Actor (bit of a movie buff) What was your first job? Like many I did a paper route, washed cars, mowed lawns, cleared glasses and ashtrays at a…

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