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Is Your Warehouse Security Doing Its Job?

Your warehouse security should always be a high priority but as the winter months draw closer with darker mornings and evenings ahead it is time to ensure all your warehouse security is in place. What security measures do you have in place? Is your CCTV functioning and not just a ‘staged’ camera in the hope…

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Third Party Logistics – Health And Safety

Even with stringent health and safety policies in place, sometimes working within the logistics industry can have devastating consequences. We recently heard of a third party logistics company being sentenced over the death of an employee whose vehicle was hit by another warehouse operative working in the same aisle, the impact made the vehicle topple and…

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Air Curtains For Your Warehouse Keep The Heat In.

Are you looking for ways to cut costs to ensure your business stays competitive? You are not alone, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing businesses around the world are doing the same – as the market becomes more and more competitive, cutting costs to remain competitive is a strategy being employed by many businesses. Remaining competitive means…

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Warehouse Packaging – Your Businesses Second Impression.

Your website has made the first impression now it is down to your warehouse packaging to provide that everlasting impression. When we buy something online do we actually think about where the product is located and packaged? Probably not! Global logistics is at the forefront of the warehouse industry and with the rise of online…

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New ISO9001:2015 Standard With BSI Achieved

STS Storage Systems are delighted to announce that we have achieved the new ISO9001:2015 standard with BSI. The transition from ISO9001:2008 brings a revised standard that brings quality and continual improvement to the core of our business. The revised standard will ensure that quality management is now completely integrated and aligned with the business strategies…

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