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How To Create The Perfect Warehouse For Multi-Channel Retail

It is no secret that the internet is completely changing the way that consumers shop. Multi-channel retail allows retailers to keep up with the ever-changing habits of consumers. Mobile searches of ‘same day shipping’ have grown over 120%, suggesting quick access to products is a priority for shoppers. What is multi-channel retail? Put simply, multi-channel…

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STS Storage New Sales Manager – Welcome Caleb

What is your role at STS Storage? Southeast Regional Sales Manager How long have you been part of the team? Since 13th Nov 2017 What was your dream job growing up? Architect What was your first job? Flipping burgers at Burger King! What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at work? I…

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Why Do I Need Longspan Shelving?

Often when we’re looking for warehouse storage solutions, we need to ask ourselves questions about our needs. ‘Why do I need Longspan Shelving?’ should be one of those questions. We have put together this short guide to Longspan Shelving to help you find the answer. What is Longspan Shelving? To figure out why you need…

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Reducing Warehouse Costs And Improving Efficiency.

Reducing warehouse costs and improving efficiency in a multichannel warehouse really does come with a thousand things to think about and manage, it’s a huge task with so many different areas to cover off to ensure your warehouse is working for you – giving you the best possible return on investment. Recently there have been…

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Meet The Newest STS Storage Team Member, Ed

We’ve had an exciting few months at STS Storage with a few new team members on board. This is Ed, he’s a pretty talented man. What is your role at STS Storage? CAD Designer How long have you been part of the team?   2 days What was your dream job growing up? Industrial Design…

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